Programme Schedule

2 July 2020 (Thursday)

Presided over by: Dr K Kasturirangan
1400 - 1410
Welcome remarks by Professor Partha Majumder, President, Indian Academy of Sciences

1415 - 1430
Introductory remarks by Dr K Kasturirangan

1435 - 1515
Vikram Sarabhai: His vision for the development of atomic energy in India, Lecture by Ravi B. Grover, Homi Bhabha National Institute

1520 - 1600
Vikram Sarabhai - Space pioneer, Lecture by A. S. Kiran Kumar, Former Chairman ISRO

1605 - 1640
Vikram Sarabhai using Science & Technology for Development, Lecture by Kartikeya Sarabhai, Director, CEE, Ahmedabad

3 July 2020 (Friday)

Presided over by: Prof Partha Majumder, the President of the Indian Academy of Sciences
Session 1A - Special Lecture
0925 - 1005
Ashutosh Sharma
DST, New Delhi
DST@50: The brave new world: science and scientists in the new millennium
Session 1B: Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates
1010 - 1030
Navin C. Khanna
ICGEB, New Delhi
Dengue diagnostics made easy
1035 - 1055
Manas Kulkarni
ICTS, Bengaluru
Family of long-ranged models: collective behaviour and dynamics
1100 - 1120
Brief Break
Session 1C: Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates
1120 - 1140
S K Bhowmik
IIT, Kharagpur
Pulsed tectonic patterns in early Earth hot orogens: constraints from diffusion chronometry along non-linear P–T paths
1145 - 1205
V K Nandicoori
NII, New Delhi
Cellular redox poise in M. tuberculosis is modulated by a novel actinomycetes-specific transcription factor
1210 - 1230
Saket Saurabh
IMSc, Chennai
Coping with (NP) hardness
1235 - 1255
K M Sureshan
IISER, Thiruvananthapuram
Covalent and non-covalent polymers: syntheses and applications
1300 - 1430
Lunch Break
Session 1D - Symposium : “Pathogen outbreaks: cause, spread and control”
Chairperson: Saumitra Das

1430 - 1500
Saumitra Das
NIBMG, Kalyani
RNA viruses: invasion strategies
1500 - 1530
Shahid Jameel
The Welcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, New Delhi
Emergence of new viruses
1530 - 1600
Gagandeep Kang
CMC, Vellore
Progress and pitfalls in COVID 19 vaccine development
1600 - 1630
Raghavan Varadarajan
IISc, Bengaluru
The Covid-19 vaccine landscape
1630 - 1700
Brief Break
Session 1E - Public lecture
1800 - 1900
Soumya Swaminathan
World Health Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland Preparing for pandemics

4 July 2020 (Saturday)

Presided over by: Prof Partha Majumder, the President of the Indian Academy of Sciences
Session 2A - Special Lecture
0925 - 1005
T V Ramakrishnan
IISc, Bengaluru
PW Anderson: an epochal figure in physics
Session 2B - Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates
1010 - 1030
Runa Antony
Biogeochemical processes on glacier and ice sheet surfaces
1035 - 1055
Rajeev Ranjan
IISc, Bengaluru
Tuning of the structural and microstructural instabilities in ferroelectrics for design of high-performance actuators and development of new functionalities
1100 - 1120
Brief break
Session 2C - Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates
1120 - 1140
Rinti Banerjee
IIT, Mumbai
Biomaterial strategies to overcome barriers for drug delivery
1145 - 1205
Rajanish Giri
IIT, Mandi
Investigating the folding of Zika Virus Proteins: implications for viral pathogenesis and inhibitor discovery
1210 - 1230
Bikramjit Basu
IISc, Bengaluru
Bench to bedside: crossing the barrier
1235 - 1255
Pooja Devi
CSIO, Chandigarh
Engineered materials and devices for water pollutants detection